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  • Ripped Off

    My Family rented a property from Real Property in Denver Colorado. The owner of the house decided to sell the property. We followed everything required by Real Property when moving out. We cleaned the house, had the carpets professionally cleaned ($375-Receipt provided when the house was inspected. The tech who cleaned the carpet said that the carpet was worn.) and made sure the property was in "ready to move in condition". While in the house, (with the permission of both the owner and Real Property) we painted two of the bedrooms. We recently got what was left of our $1800... More...
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  • Grand Peaks apartment managment

    I have lived in this complex for 9 1/2 years now. There have been 4 different management companies. This company is the WORST! They have let the property deteriorate beyond simple aesthetics to downright dangerous violating many safety codes. They post your information i.e. name, full address, phone on your door every month for anyone passing by to take, yet if you sign up for e-pay you receive an email for rent reminder every month. One of the managers from the main office lives next door to me and is the noisiest neighbor I have. They cancelled the security patrol then told residents that... More...
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    Recently, I have had my first experience with Real Property Management as a potential renter for a property. I am amazed this company is still in business and it is baffling to me how they "manage" to rent anything. My complaint list is below: 1. EVERY time I called over a week's period of time I received the message, "We are experiencing a large volume of calls and can not take your call at this time...." 2. I finally figured out who the agent was for the property I was interested in...found her on the telephone tree extensions, pushed in her extension and... More...
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  • Looking to Rent a house.

    It took 4 days to hear back from anyone regarding a property I was interested in. I felt for the owner of that property, wondering how many good prospects were just being allowed to drift by. When I finally did hear from Lucas and got to see the property, I was told that if I apply that day I would be first in line for the property. I have stellar credit and a good income. As it is Christmas, I wanted to get in right away. I called everyday to hear the status of my application. I was told daily by Christina, that it was still under review, which seemed odd. Today, over a week later,... More...
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    Real Property Management of Colorado is absolutely HORRIBLE. They never return calls, when we complained they said that had to do with our "agent" and was not their problem. When we moved in they would not even answer the phone or call us back to tell us where our parking spot was, we eventually asked around the neighborhood and got the owners phone number because Real Property didn’t call us back for three weeks! They only return our calls when we threaten to call the owners. We complained about several small issues with the rental and they basically told us to quit... More...
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  • It REALLY is a bad company

    I thought that there were just some bad apples giving this company some flack. I rented a house from them. They ARE NOT A GOOD COMPANY! Here's why: --it's such a big company that no one knows anyone else's job, even in general terms. Leasing agents only know leases, the secretary only knows how to get you to fill out an application, maintenance only knows how to fill out requests, etc. Trying to work something out from A to Z with them takes contacting 3-4 people every time. And no one's in their office taking calls.. --they advertised garbage included in rent,... More...
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  • Horrible Company

    Unbelievably Horrible Company. I believed all the hype. It was so wrong. From first contact to last. Receptionist/s have all been completely rude and incompetent. Person managing our property for both leases has been horrible. Don't return calls. Late or no show to meetings. Forget to bring the keys to meeting. Lied about screenings. Allowed for subletting. Didn't follow through with any thing, including contracted inspections and furnace filter changes. Nothing but hassle for every issue. I have wasted quite a bit of my own time and money making them do the job they are... More...
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    This place is horrible to go through, and you get nothing but the run around with them. They do not do their jobs. nor do they EVER call you back. I have been renting a condo from them for about 4.5 months now and I REGRET it. Can't get them to fix anything even after calling the 1800 number and them filing a report that something needs fixed. I am beyond frustrated with them. The main boss wouldn't even call back until i threatened an attorney. Moved in and had no keys, they said would be in drawer next to fridge and there were none, when told them this they said not our fault.... More...
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  • Do Not Rent

    These people obviously need to learn how to do their job. They have postings of rentals homes/town-homes all over the internet. My fiance and I found one that we thought would be perfect for us. We emailed and called for at least a week and a half and never heard back from them. They always stated to wait at least 48 hours before calling again and we did, but we still never heard anything. We go back online to check the status of the rental house and they raised the rent up another $200! That rent was out of our budget. We then found another place, we filled out an online application hoping... More...
  • Avoid at all cost

    Real Property Management cost us a months mortgage due to their negligence in renting out our home. They had 1 rep that was handling our house and she rarely answered her phone or returned phone calls. Most of the time her voice mail box was full and you couldn't even leave her a message if you were interested in our property. The owner denied any wrongdoing even thought their office manager admitted to me that her actions were inexcusable and we should be upset. If you want to have your property managed the way you expect...look elsewhere. They don't have the time for you More...
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  • Never rent from them

    My family an I are another couple who are not happy with RMPM they are in this business just for money, we relocated to Fortcollins an would never have if I knew what I know now we sent our money per person for application they told us we had the place for rent an then they sent a letter last minute an said we don't have the place,thank GOD for the socialworker who helped me, she called them an they said they never got my payment an I had the copies of my money order,my socialworker said they were not nice they were rude an when they found out my husband was a Veteran they had the... More...
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    This company has rented our property for 2 years. They are rude, unresponsive and they do not represent the landlord's interest. We said NO pets, they wrote the contract with the tenants that PETS ARE ALLOWED. We agreed on things with one employee just to find out that the agreements was not honored because the employee is no longer working there. One of our tenants moved out without notifying anyone, and sublet the room to a complete stranger, RPM did not even notice. They did not notice that an another tenant cut a doggy door into our wall without eve asking anyone. Another tenant... More...
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  • Unresponsive and unprofessional

    Wow! Sure wish I had known more about RPM before I hired them to manage my home. My story is identical to others I have just read on here. They charged me to market the place and I never could find where they advertised. I had been advertising it myself and forwarded 22 interested parties to RPM. Some of them let me know that they never heard back after leaving multiple messages at RPM. After RPM bragged about how quickly they rented out homes, it took over 5 months to get someone in mine. This is after they told me I would have to lower the rent price by at least $100 from what I had... More...
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  • Rude

    I moved into this property and have been treated rudely and completely unprofessional since the day they got the first of the money they said we owed. We paid the first months rent and the deposit after checking several times if it was the actual amount that we owed. Later they decided we owed more and left one message about it on my husbands phone. After several attempts to call them to find out what they were talking about and no one answering I came home to an eviction notice on my door. This notice said they made diligent efforts to contact me about the money I owed. They wouldn't... More...
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  • Rip Off

    My experience is simple. Was shown a home that was "not listed" yet, just came available! We decided that we liked the home. The man who toured us informed us that the home had not yet been serviced since the prev tenants "just vacated" I asked if the home would be cleaned and repaired. He answered "yes". We come in to sign our lease and fork over our $3300 to include the $200 non refundable admin fee! LOL! I go straight to the property and it is a wreck! Mice feces and holes all over the garage and a huge green trash can full of trash, not to mention the... More...
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